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Comprehensive List of Emotions

Adjective Emotions Beginning With the Letter A

Learning to identify your emotions is the first step towards emotional health. Here you will find a comprehensive, alphabetical list of human emotions: over 4,000 English words and phrases to help you name and describe how you feel. The inclusion of synonyms, slang, and idioms makes this one of the most complete lists of emotions available online.

Each entry is included because of its usefulness in defining an emotional state. Keep in mind that these words do not necessarily describe you as a person, or what has actually happened to you. There is an important difference between feeling lazy and being lazy, or feeling unloved and being unloved. In every case, it is the emotional sense of a word or phrase which is intended.

a messI feel a mess. I feel like a mess.untidy, disordered, muddled, a wreck

abandonedI feel abandoned.

abasedI feel abased.

abashedI feel abashed.

abductedI feel abducted.

aberrantI feel aberrant.abnormal, deviant, different, divergent, unusual, exceptional

abhorredI feel abhorred.

abhorrentI feel abhorrent.

abjectI feel abject.

ablazeI feel ablaze.

ableI feel able.

abnormalI feel abnormal.

abominableI feel abominable.

aboutI feel about.

above averageI feel above average.

abrasiveI feel abrasive.

absent-mindedI feel absent-minded.

absolvedI feel absolved.

absorbedI feel absorbed.

absorbentI feel absorbent.

abstemiousI feel abstemious.

abstractI feel abstract.

abstractedI feel abstracted.

absurdI feel absurd.

abulicI feel abulic.

abundantI feel abundant.

abusedI feel abused.

abusiveI feel abusive.

abysmalI feel abysmal.

abyssalI feel abyssal.

acceleratedI feel accelerated.

acceptableI feel acceptable.

acceptedI feel accepted.

acceptingI feel accepting.

accessibleI feel accessible.

accident-proneI feel accident-prone.

acclaimedI feel acclaimed.

acclimatedI feel acclimated.

accommodatedI feel accommodated.

accommodatingI feel accommodating.

accomplishedI feel accomplished.

accostedI feel accosted.

accostingI feel accosting.

accountableI feel accountable.

accreditedI feel accredited.

accurateI feel accurate.

accusatoryI feel accusatory.

accusedI feel accused.

accusingI feel accusing.

acerbicI feel acerbic.

achingI feel aching.

acknowledgedI feel acknowledged.

acquiescentI feel acquiescent.

acquisitiveI feel acquisitive.

acrimoniousI feel acrimonious.

activatedI feel activated.

activeI feel active.

actualizedI feel actualized.

adamantI feel adamant.

addictedI feel addicted.

adeptI feel adept.

adequateI feel adequate.

admirableI feel admirable.

admiredI feel admired.

admiringI feel admiring.

admonishedI feel admonished.

admonishingI feel admonishing.

adorableI feel adorable.

adoredI feel adored.

adoringI feel adoring.

adornedI feel adorned.

adriftI feel adrift.

adroitI feel adroit.

adultI feel adult.

adulteratedI feel adulterated.

advancedI feel advanced.

adventurousI feel adventurous.

adversarialI feel adversarial.

adverseI feel adverse.

aestheticI feel aesthetic.

affableI feel affable.

affectedI feel affected.

affectionateI feel affectionate.

affirmativeI feel affirmative.

affirmedI feel affirmed.

afflictedI feel afflicted.

affluentI feel affluent.

affrayI feel affray.

affrayedI feel affrayed.

affrontedI feel affronted.

aflutterI feel aflutter.

afraidI feel afraid.

againstI feel against.

agapeI feel agape.

aggravatedI feel aggravated.

aggressiveI feel aggressive.

aggrievedI feel aggrieved.

aghastI feel aghast.

agileI feel agile.

agitatedI feel agitated.

aglowI feel aglow.

agnosticI feel agnostic.

agogI feel agog.

agonizedI feel agonized.

agoraphobicI feel agoraphobic.

agreeableI feel agreeable.

aheadI feel ahead.

ailI feel ail.

ailedI feel ailed.

ailingI feel ailing.

aimlessI feel aimless.

airyI feel airy.

alarmedI feel alarmed.

alertI feel alert.

alienI feel alien.

alienatedI feel alienated.

aliveI feel alive.

alliedI feel allied.

allowedI feel allowed.

allowingI feel allowing.

alluredI feel allured.

alluringI feel alluring.

almightyI feel almighty.

aloneI feel alone.

aloofI feel aloof.

alrightI feel alright.

altruisticI feel altruistic.

amateurI feel amateur.

amazedI feel amazed.

amazingI feel amazing.

ambiguousI feel ambiguous.

ambitiousI feel ambitious.

ambivalentI feel ambivalent.

ambushedI feel ambushed.

amenableI feel amenable.

amiableI feel amiable.

amorousI feel amorous.

amusedI feel amused.

amusingI feel amusing.

analyzedI feel analyzed.

anarchisticI feel anarchistic.

anchoredI feel anchored.

anemicI feel anemic.

anesthetizedI feel anesthetized.

angryI feel angry.

angstyI feel angsty.

anguishedI feel anguished.

anhedonicI feel anhedonic.

animatedI feel animated.

annihilatedI feel annihilated.

annoyedI feel annoyed.

annoyingI feel annoying.

anonymousI feel anonymous.

antagonisticI feel antagonistic.

antagonizedI feel antagonized.

antiI feel anti.

anticipatingI feel anticipating.

antiquatedI feel antiquated.

antisocialI feel antisocial.

antsyI feel antsy.

anxiousI feel anxious.

apartI feel apart.

apatheticI feel apathetic.

apologeticI feel apologetic.

apologized toI feel apologized to.

apoplecticI feel apoplectic.

appalledI feel appalled.

appealedI feel appealed.

appealingI feel appealing.

appeasedI feel appeased.

appeasingI feel appeasing.

appetizingI feel appetizing.

applaudedI feel applauded.

appraisedI feel appraised.

appreciatedI feel appreciated.

appreciativeI feel appreciative.

apprehensiveI feel apprehensive.

approachableI feel approachable.

appropriateI feel appropriate.

approvedI feel approved.

approved ofI feel approved of.

approvingI feel approving.

aquiverI feel aquiver.

arbitraryI feel arbitrary.

archaicI feel archaic.

ardentI feel ardent.

arduousI feel arduous.

argued withI feel argued with.

argumentativeI feel argumentative.

aristocraticI feel aristocratic.

armoredI feel armored.

arousedI feel aroused.

arrogantI feel arrogant.

artfulI feel artful.

articulateI feel articulate.

artificialI feel artificial.

artisticI feel artistic.

artlessI feel artless.

artsyI feel artsy.

asceticI feel ascetic.

ashamedI feel ashamed.

asinineI feel asinine.

asleepI feel asleep.

asocialI feel asocial.

asphyxiatedI feel asphyxiated.

aspiringI feel aspiring.

assaultedI feel assaulted.

assertiveI feel assertive.

assessedI feel assessed.

assiduousI feel assiduous.

assuagedI feel assuaged.

assuredI feel assured.

astonishedI feel astonished.

astonishingI feel astonishing.

astoundedI feel astounded.

astoundingI feel astounding.

astuteI feel astute.

asymmetricalI feel asymmetrical.

at a lossI feel at a loss.

at easeI feel at ease.

at homeI feel at home.

at libertyI feel at liberty.

at my wit's endI feel at my wit's end.

at peaceI feel at peace.

at perilI feel at peril.

at restI feel at rest.

at riskI feel at risk.

at the end of my tetherI feel at the end of my tether.

at warI feel at war.

at wit's endI feel at wit's end.

atrociousI feel atrocious.

atrophiedI feel atrophied.

attachedI feel attached.

attackedI feel attacked.

attentiveI feel attentive.

attractedI feel attracted.

attractiveI feel attractive.

atypicalI feel atypical.

audaciousI feel audacious.

austereI feel austere.

authenticI feel authentic.

authoritarianI feel authoritarian.

authoritativeI feel authoritative.

autocraticI feel autocratic.

automatedI feel automated.

automaticI feel automatic.

availableI feel available.

avariciousI feel avaricious.

avengedI feel avenged.

averageI feel average.

averseI feel averse.

avidI feel avid.

avoidedI feel avoided.

avoidingI feel avoiding.

awakeI feel awake.

awakenedI feel awakened.

awareI feel aware.

awedI feel awed.

awesomeI feel awesome.

awestruckI feel awestruck.

awfulI feel awful.

awkwardI feel awkward.

awryI feel awry.