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Comprehensive List of Emotions

Adjective Emotions Beginning With the Letter C

Learning to identify your emotions is the first step towards emotional health. Here you will find a comprehensive, alphabetical list of human emotions: over 4,000 English words and phrases to help you name and describe how you feel. The inclusion of synonyms, slang, and idioms makes this one of the most complete lists of emotions available online.

Each entry is included because of its usefulness in defining an emotional state. Keep in mind that these words do not necessarily describe you as a person, or what has actually happened to you. There is an important difference between feeling lazy and being lazy, or feeling unloved and being unloved. In every case, it is the emotional sense of a word or phrase which is intended.

cagedI feel caged.

cageyI feel cagey.

cajoledI feel cajoled.

calamitousI feel calamitous.

calculatingI feel calculating.

callousI feel callous.

callowI feel callow.

calmI feel calm.

calmed downI feel calmed down.

cannibalizedI feel cannibalized.

cannyI feel canny.

cantankerousI feel cantankerous.

capableI feel capable.

capitulatedI feel capitulated.

capitulatingI feel capitulating.

capriciousI feel capricious.

captiousI feel captious.

captivatedI feel captivated.

captivatingI feel captivating.

captiveI feel captive.

capturedI feel captured.

care wornI feel care worn.

cared aboutI feel cared about.

cared forI feel cared for.

carefreeI feel carefree.

carefulI feel careful.

carelessI feel careless.

caringI feel caring.

carried awayI feel carried away.

castI feel cast.

cast aboutI feel cast about.

cast offI feel cast off.

cast outI feel cast out.

castigatedI feel castigated.

casualI feel casual.

catalyzedI feel catalyzed.

catapultedI feel catapulted.

catatonicI feel catatonic.

categorizedI feel categorized.

cattyI feel catty.

caughtI feel caught.

cautiousI feel cautious.

cavalierI feel cavalier.

celebratoryI feel celebratory.

censoredI feel censored.

censuredI feel censured.

centeredI feel centered.

certainI feel certain.

chafedI feel chafed.

chagrinedI feel chagrined.

chainedI feel chained.

challengedI feel challenged.

challengingI feel challenging.

changeableI feel changeable.

changedI feel changed.

changingI feel changing.

chaoticI feel chaotic.

chargedI feel charged.

charismaticI feel charismatic.

charitableI feel charitable.

charmedI feel charmed.

charmingI feel charming.

charyI feel chary.

chasedI feel chased.

chasteI feel chaste.

chastenedI feel chastened.

chastisedI feel chastised.

chattyI feel chatty.

cheapI feel cheap.

cheapenedI feel cheapened.

cheatedI feel cheated.

cheated onI feel cheated on.

cheekyI feel cheeky.

cheerfulI feel cheerful.

cheerlessI feel cheerless.

cheeryI feel cheery.

cheesed offI feel cheesed off.

cherishedI feel cherished.

cherishingI feel cherishing.

chicI feel chic.

chickenI feel chicken.

chidedI feel chided.

childishI feel childish.

childlessI feel childless.

childlikeI feel childlike.

chillI feel chill.

chilledI feel chilled.

chipperI feel chipper.

chirpyI feel chirpy.

chivalrousI feel chivalrous.

chokedI feel choked.

choked upI feel choked up.

chosenI feel chosen.

chucked outI feel chucked out.

chuffedI feel chuffed.

churlishI feel churlish.

circumspectI feel circumspect.

circumventedI feel circumvented.

civilI feel civil.

civilizedI feel civilized.

clandestineI feel clandestine.

classyI feel classy.

claustrophobicI feel claustrophobic.

cleanI feel clean.

cleansedI feel cleansed.

clearI feel clear.

clear headedI feel clear headed.

clenchedI feel clenched.

cleverI feel clever.

clingyI feel clingy.

cloisteredI feel cloistered.

closeI feel close.

closedI feel closed.

closed inI feel closed in.

closed mindedI feel closed minded.

cloudedI feel clouded.

cloudyI feel cloudy.

clownedI feel clowned.

clued inI feel clued in.

cluelessI feel clueless.

clumsyI feel clumsy.

clung toI feel clung to.

coarseI feel coarse.

coaxedI feel coaxed.

cocksureI feel cocksure.sure, certain, confident

cockyI feel cocky.

coddledI feel coddled.

codependentI feel codependent.

coercedI feel coerced.

coldI feel cold.

coldbloodedI feel coldblooded.

coldheartedI feel coldhearted.

collaborativeI feel collaborative.

collapsedI feel collapsed.

collapsingI feel collapsing.

collectedI feel collected.

colonizedI feel colonized.

colorfulI feel colorful.

comatoseI feel comatose.

combativeI feel combative.

comfortableI feel comfortable.

comfortedI feel comforted.

comfyI feel comfy.

commandedI feel commanded.

commandingI feel commanding.

committedI feel committed.

commonI feel common.

commonplaceI feel commonplace.

communicativeI feel communicative.

companionableI feel companionable.

comparativeI feel comparative.

comparedI feel compared.

compassionateI feel compassionate.

compatibleI feel compatible.

compelledI feel compelled.

competentI feel competent.

competitiveI feel competitive.

complacentI feel complacent.

complementaryI feel complementary.

completeI feel complete.

completedI feel completed.

complexI feel complex.

compliantI feel compliant.

complicatedI feel complicated.

complimentaryI feel complimentary.

complimentedI feel complimented.

composedI feel composed.

compressedI feel compressed.

compromisedI feel compromised.

compromisingI feel compromising.

compulsiveI feel compulsive.

compunctionI feel compunction.

conceitedI feel conceited.

concentratedI feel concentrated.

concernedI feel concerned.

condemnedI feel condemned.

condescended toI feel condescended to.

condescendingI feel condescending.

confidentI feel confident.

confinedI feel confined.

confirmedI feel confirmed.

confirmingI feel confirming.

conflictedI feel conflicted.

conformingI feel conforming.

confoundedI feel confounded.

confrontationalI feel confrontational.

confrontedI feel confronted.

confrontingI feel confronting.

confusedI feel confused.

congenialI feel congenial.

connectedI feel connected.

connedI feel conned.

connivingI feel conniving.

conqueredI feel conquered.

conscientiousI feel conscientious.

consciousI feel conscious.

consecratedI feel consecrated.

conservativeI feel conservative.

considerateI feel considerate.

consideredI feel considered.

consistentI feel consistent.

consoledI feel consoled.

consolingI feel consoling.

conspicuousI feel conspicuous.

conspiratorialI feel conspiratorial.

conspired againstI feel conspired against.

conspiringI feel conspiring.

constantI feel constant.

constrainedI feel constrained.

constrictedI feel constricted.

constructiveI feel constructive.

consultedI feel consulted.

consumedI feel consumed.

contagiousI feel contagious.

containedI feel contained.

contaminatedI feel contaminated.

contemplativeI feel contemplative.

contemptibleI feel contemptible.

contemptuousI feel contemptuous.

contentI feel content.

contentedI feel contented.

contentiousI feel contentious.

contradictoryI feel contradictory.

contraryI feel contrary.

contributingI feel contributing.

contriteI feel contrite.

controlledI feel controlled.

controllingI feel controlling.

convenientI feel convenient.

conventionalI feel conventional.

convertedI feel converted.

convictedI feel convicted.

convincedI feel convinced.

convincingI feel convincing.

convivialI feel convivial.friendly, sociable, jovial, festive

cookyI feel cooky.

coolI feel cool.

cooperativeI feel cooperative.

copaceticI feel copacetic.

coped withI feel coped with.

copiedI feel copied.

copingI feel coping.

cordialI feel cordial.

corneredI feel cornered.

corralledI feel corralled.

correctI feel correct.

corrosiveI feel corrosive.

corruptI feel corrupt.

corruptedI feel corrupted.

counterI feel counter.

counterfeitI feel counterfeit.

courageousI feel courageous.

courteousI feel courteous.

courtlyI feel courtly.

covertI feel covert.

covetedI feel coveted.

covetousI feel covetous.

cowardlyI feel cowardly.

coyI feel coy.

cozyI feel cozy.

crabbyI feel crabby.

craftyI feel crafty.

crampedI feel cramped.

crankyI feel cranky.

crappyI feel crappy.

crassI feel crass.

cravingI feel craving.

crazedI feel crazed.

crazyI feel crazy.

creativeI feel creative.

credulousI feel credulous.

creeped outI feel creeped out.

creepyI feel creepy.

crestfallenI feel crestfallen.

criminalI feel criminal.

crippledI feel crippled.

criticalI feel critical.

criticizedI feel criticized.

crossI feel cross.

crossedI feel crossed.

crotchetyI feel crotchety.

crowdedI feel crowded.

crucifiedI feel crucified.

cruddyI feel cruddy.

crudeI feel crude.

cruelI feel cruel.

crummyI feel crummy.

crumpledI feel crumpled.

crunkI feel crunk.

crushedI feel crushed.

crypticI feel cryptic.

cuckoldedI feel cuckolded.

cuckooI feel cuckoo.

cuddledI feel cuddled.

cuddlyI feel cuddly.

culledI feel culled.

culpableI feel culpable.

cultivatedI feel cultivated.

culturedI feel cultured.

cumbersomeI feel cumbersome.

cunningI feel cunning.

curiousI feel curious.

curmudgeonlyI feel curmudgeonly.

cursedI feel cursed.

cushyI feel cushy.

cutI feel cut.

cut downI feel cut down.

cut offI feel cut off.

cuteI feel cute.

cynicalI feel cynical.