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Comprehensive List of Emotions

Adjective Emotions Beginning With the Letter D

Learning to identify your emotions is the first step towards emotional health. Here you will find a comprehensive, alphabetical list of human emotions: over 4,000 English words and phrases to help you name and describe how you feel. The inclusion of synonyms, slang, and idioms makes this one of the most complete lists of emotions available online.

Each entry is included because of its usefulness in defining an emotional state. Keep in mind that these words do not necessarily describe you as a person, or what has actually happened to you. There is an important difference between feeling lazy and being lazy, or feeling unloved and being unloved. In every case, it is the emotional sense of a word or phrase which is intended.

daffyI feel daffy.

daftI feel daft.

daintyI feel dainty.

damagedI feel damaged.

damnedI feel damned.

dangerousI feel dangerous.

daredI feel dared.

daringI feel daring.

darkI feel dark.

dashedI feel dashed.

dashingI feel dashing.

dauntedI feel daunted.

dauntlessI feel dauntless.

dazedI feel dazed.

deadI feel dead.

deafenedI feel deafened.

dearI feel dear.

debasedI feel debased.

debasingI feel debasing.

debatedI feel debated.

debauchedI feel debauched.

debilitatedI feel debilitated.

debonairI feel debonair.

decadentI feel decadent.

deceitfulI feel deceitful.

deceivedI feel deceived.

decentI feel decent.

deceptiveI feel deceptive.

decidedI feel decided.

decimatedI feel decimated.

decisiveI feel decisive.

decrepitI feel decrepit.

dedicatedI feel dedicated.

defamedI feel defamed.

defeatedI feel defeated.

defectiveI feel defective.

defenselessI feel defenseless.

defensiveI feel defensive.

deferentI feel deferent.

defiantI feel defiant.

deficientI feel deficient.

defiledI feel defiled.

definiteI feel definite.

deflatedI feel deflated.

deformedI feel deformed.

degenerateI feel degenerate.

degradedI feel degraded.

degradingI feel degrading.

dehumanizedI feel dehumanized.

dejectedI feel dejected.

delayedI feel delayed.

delectableI feel delectable.

deletedI feel deleted.

deleteriousI feel deleterious.

delicateI feel delicate.

delightedI feel delighted.

delightfulI feel delightful.

delinquentI feel delinquent.

deliriousI feel delirious.

deliveredI feel delivered.

deludedI feel deluded.

demandingI feel demanding.

demeanedI feel demeaned.

dementedI feel demented.

demolishedI feel demolished.

demonizedI feel demonized.

demoralizedI feel demoralized.

demotedI feel demoted.

demotivatedI feel demotivated.

demureI feel demure.

denaturedI feel denatured.

deniedI feel denied.

denigratedI feel denigrated.

denouncedI feel denounced.

denseI feel dense.

dependableI feel dependable.

depended uponI feel depended upon.

dependentI feel dependent.

depletedI feel depleted.

deportedI feel deported.

depravedI feel depraved.

deprecatedI feel deprecated.

depreciatedI feel depreciated.

depressedI feel depressed.

deprivedI feel deprived.

derailedI feel derailed.

derangedI feel deranged.

deridedI feel derided.

derisiveI feel derisive.

desecratedI feel desecrated.

desertedI feel deserted.

deservingI feel deserving.

desiccatedI feel desiccated.

desirableI feel desirable.

desiredI feel desired.

desirousI feel desirous.

desolateI feel desolate.

despairingI feel despairing.

desperateI feel desperate.

despicableI feel despicable.

despisedI feel despised.

despoiledI feel despoiled.

despondentI feel despondent.

destituteI feel destitute.

destroyedI feel destroyed.

destructiveI feel destructive.

desultoryI feel desultory.

detachedI feel detached.

detainedI feel detained.

deterioratedI feel deteriorated.

determinedI feel determined.

detestableI feel detestable.

detestedI feel detested.

detoxifiedI feel detoxified.

devaluedI feel devalued.

devastatedI feel devastated.

deviantI feel deviant.

deviousI feel devious.

devoidI feel devoid.

devoid ofI feel devoid of.

devotedI feel devoted.

devouredI feel devoured.

devoutI feel devout.

dexterousI feel dexterous.

diagnosedI feel diagnosed.

dictated toI feel dictated to.

dictatorialI feel dictatorial.

differentI feel different.

difficultI feel difficult.

diffidentI feel diffident.

diffusedI feel diffused.

dignifiedI feel dignified.

diligentI feel diligent.

dimI feel dim.

dimensionlessI feel dimensionless.

diminishedI feel diminished.

diminutiveI feel diminutive.

diplomaticI feel diplomatic.

direI feel dire.

directI feel direct.

directionlessI feel directionless.

dirtiedI feel dirtied.

dirtyI feel dirty.

disabledI feel disabled.

disaffectedI feel disaffected.

disagreeableI feel disagreeable.

disappointedI feel disappointed.

disappointingI feel disappointing.

disapproved ofI feel disapproved of.

disapprovingI feel disapproving.

disbelievedI feel disbelieved.

disbelievingI feel disbelieving.

discardableI feel discardable.

discardedI feel discarded.

discerningI feel discerning.

disciplinedI feel disciplined.

discombobulatedI feel discombobulated.

discomfitI feel discomfit.

discomfortingI feel discomforting.

disconcertedI feel disconcerted.

disconnectedI feel disconnected.

disconsolateI feel disconsolate.

discontentI feel discontent.

discontentedI feel discontented.

discountedI feel discounted.

discouragedI feel discouraged.

discreditedI feel discredited.

discreetI feel discreet.

discriminated againstI feel discriminated against.

discriminatingI feel discriminating.

disdainedI feel disdained.

disdainfulI feel disdainful.

disembodiedI feel disembodied.

disempoweredI feel disempowered.

disenchantedI feel disenchanted.

disenfranchisedI feel disenfranchised.

disengagedI feel disengaged.

disentangledI feel disentangled.

disfavoredI feel disfavored.

disgracedI feel disgraced.

disgracefulI feel disgraceful.

disgruntledI feel disgruntled.

disguisedI feel disguised.

disgustedI feel disgusted.

disgustingI feel disgusting.

disharmoniousI feel disharmonious.

disheartenedI feel disheartened.

disheveledI feel disheveled.

dishonestI feel dishonest.

dishonorableI feel dishonorable.

dishonoredI feel dishonored.

disillusionedI feel disillusioned.

disinclinedI feel disinclined.

disingenuousI feel disingenuous.

disintegritousI feel disintegritous.

disinterestedI feel disinterested.

disjointedI feel disjointed.

dislikedI feel disliked.

dislocatedI feel dislocated.

dislodgedI feel dislodged.

disloyalI feel disloyal.

dismalI feel dismal.

dismayedI feel dismayed.

dismissedI feel dismissed.

dismissiveI feel dismissive.

disobedientI feel disobedient.

disobeyedI feel disobeyed.

disorderlyI feel disorderly.

disorganizedI feel disorganized.

disorientedI feel disoriented.

disownedI feel disowned.

disparagedI feel disparaged.

dispassionateI feel dispassionate.

dispensableI feel dispensable.

dispiritedI feel dispirited.

displacedI feel displaced.

displeasedI feel displeased.

disposableI feel disposable.

dispossessedI feel dispossessed.

disputedI feel disputed.

disquietedI feel disquieted.

disregardedI feel disregarded.

disregardingI feel disregarding.

disrespectedI feel disrespected.

disrespectfulI feel disrespectful.

disruptiveI feel disruptive.

dissatisfiedI feel dissatisfied.

dissectedI feel dissected.

dissedI feel dissed.

dissidentI feel dissident.

dissipatedI feel dissipated.

dissociatedI feel dissociated.

distantI feel distant.

distastefulI feel distasteful.

distortedI feel distorted.

distractedI feel distracted.

distractibleI feel distractible.

distraughtI feel distraught.

distressedI feel distressed.

distrustedI feel distrusted.

distrustfulI feel distrustful.

distrustingI feel distrusting.

disturbedI feel disturbed.

disusedI feel disused.

ditheringI feel dithering.

ditzyI feel ditzy.

divertedI feel diverted.

dividedI feel divided.

divorcedI feel divorced.

docileI feel docile.

doggedI feel dogged.

dogmaticI feel dogmatic.

doing okI am doing ok.

dolefulI feel doleful.

domesticI feel domestic.

domesticatedI feel domesticated.

dominantI feel dominant.

dominatedI feel dominated.

dominatingI feel dominating.

domineeredI feel domineered.

domineeringI feel domineering.

doneI feel done.

doomedI feel doomed.

dopeyI feel dopey.

dorkyI feel dorky.

doted onI feel doted on.

dotingI feel doting.

double crossedI feel double crossed.

doubtedI feel doubted.

doubtfulI feel doubtful.

doubtingI feel doubting.

dourI feel dour.

dowdyI feel dowdy.

downI feel down.

down and outI feel down and out.

down in the dumpsI feel down in the dumps.

downcastI feel downcast.

downheartedI feel downhearted.

downtroddenI feel downtrodden.

drainedI feel drained.

dramaticI feel dramatic.

drasticI feel drastic.

drawnI feel drawn.

drawn awayI feel drawn away.

drawn backI feel drawn back.

drawn inI feel drawn in.

drawn towardI feel drawn toward.

dreadedI feel dreaded.

dreadfulI feel dreadful.

dreamyI feel dreamy.

drearyI feel dreary.

dried upI feel dried up.

drivenI feel driven.

droopyI feel droopy.

droppedI feel dropped.

drowningI feel drowning.

drubbedI feel drubbed.

drummedI feel drummed.

drunkI feel drunk.

dryI feel dry.

dubiousI feel dubious.

dullI feel dull.

dulledI feel dulled.

dumbI feel dumb.

dumbfoundedI feel dumbfounded.

dumpedI feel dumped.

dumped onI feel dumped on.

dupedI feel duped.

dutifulI feel dutiful.

dwarfedI feel dwarfed.

dynamicI feel dynamic.

dysfunctionalI feel dysfunctional.

dysphoricI feel dysphoric.