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Comprehensive List of Emotions

Adjective Emotions Beginning With the Letter I

Learning to identify your emotions is the first step towards emotional health. Here you will find a comprehensive, alphabetical list of human emotions: over 4,000 English words and phrases to help you name and describe how you feel. The inclusion of synonyms, slang, and idioms makes this one of the most complete lists of emotions available online.

Each entry is included because of its usefulness in defining an emotional state. Keep in mind that these words do not necessarily describe you as a person, or what has actually happened to you. There is an important difference between feeling lazy and being lazy, or feeling unloved and being unloved. In every case, it is the emotional sense of a word or phrase which is intended.

ickyI feel icky.

idealisticI feel idealistic.

idiosyncraticI feel idiosyncratic.

idioticI feel idiotic.

idleI feel idle.

idolizedI feel idolized.

ignobleI feel ignoble.

ignominiousI feel ignominious.

ignorantI feel ignorant.

ignoredI feel ignored.

illI feel ill.sick

ill at easeI feel ill at ease.

ill humoredI feel ill humored.

ill temperedI feel ill tempered.

illicitI feel illicit.

illuminatedI feel illuminated.

imaginativeI feel imaginative.

imbalancedI feel imbalanced.

immaculateI feel immaculate.

immatureI feel immature.

immersedI feel immersed.

immobileI feel immobile.

immobilizedI feel immobilized.

immodestI feel immodest.

immoralI feel immoral.

immortalI feel immortal.

immovableI feel immovable.

immuneI feel immune.

impairedI feel impaired.

impartialI feel impartial.

impassionedI feel impassioned.

impassiveI feel impassive.

impatientI feel impatient.

impeccableI feel impeccable.

impededI feel impeded.

impelledI feel impelled.

imperfectI feel imperfect.

imperiledI feel imperiled.

imperiousI feel imperious.

impermanentI feel impermanent.

impermeableI feel impermeable.

impertinentI feel impertinent.

imperturbableI feel imperturbable.

imperviousI feel impervious.

impetuousI feel impetuous.

impiousI feel impious.

impishI feel impish.

implacableI feel implacable.

impoliteI feel impolite.

importantI feel important.

importunateI feel importunate.

imposed uponI feel imposed upon.

imposingI feel imposing.

impotentI feel impotent.

impracticalI feel impractical.

impressedI feel impressed.

impressionableI feel impressionable.

impressiveI feel impressive.

imprisonedI feel imprisoned.

improperI feel improper.

impudentI feel impudent.

impugnedI feel impugned.

impulsiveI feel impulsive.

impureI feel impure.

in a black moodI feel in a black mood.

in a ditherI feel in a dither.

in a flurryI feel in a flurry.

in a huffI feel in a huff.

in a pickleI feel in a pickle.

in a quandaryI feel in a quandary.

in a stewI feel in a stew.

in a stuporI feel in a stupor.

in a tranceI feel in a trance.

in alignmentI feel in alignment.

in controlI feel in control.

in demandI feel in demand.

in despairI feel in despair.

in doubtI feel in doubt.

in fearI feel in fear.

in harmonyI feel in harmony.

in painI feel in pain.

in purgatoryI feel in purgatory.

in seventh heavenI feel in seventh heaven.

in the dumpsI feel in the dumps.

in the wayI feel in the way.

in touchI feel in touch.

in tuneI feel in tune.

inaccessibleI feel inaccessible.

inactiveI feel inactive.

inadequateI feel inadequate.

inaneI feel inane.

inappropriateI feel inappropriate.

inattentiveI feel inattentive.

incapableI feel incapable.

incapacitatedI feel incapacitated.

incensedI feel incensed.

inclinedI feel inclined.

incoherentI feel incoherent.

incommunicativeI feel incommunicative.

incompetentI feel incompetent.

incompleteI feel incomplete.

inconceivableI feel inconceivable.

inconclusiveI feel inconclusive.

incongruentI feel incongruent.

inconsiderateI feel inconsiderate.

inconsistentI feel inconsistent.

inconsolableI feel inconsolable.

inconspicuousI feel inconspicuous.

inconveniencedI feel inconvenienced.

inconvenientI feel inconvenient.

incorrectI feel incorrect.

incorrigibleI feel incorrigible.

incredibleI feel incredible.

incredulousI feel incredulous.

inculcatedI feel inculcated.

indebtedI feel indebted.

indecentI feel indecent.

indecisiveI feel indecisive.

indefiniteI feel indefinite.

independentI feel independent.

indescribableI feel indescribable.

indestructibleI feel indestructible.

indictedI feel indicted.

indifferentI feel indifferent.

indignantI feel indignant.

indirectI feel indirect.

indiscreetI feel indiscreet.

indoctrinatedI feel indoctrinated.

indolentI feel indolent.

indulgedI feel indulged.

indulgentI feel indulgent.

industriousI feel industrious.

inebriatedI feel inebriated.

ineffectiveI feel ineffective.

ineffectualI feel ineffectual.

inefficientI feel inefficient.

ineptI feel inept.

inertI feel inert.

inexorableI feel inexorable.

inexplicableI feel inexplicable.

infallibleI feel infallible.

infamousI feel infamous.

infantileI feel infantile.

infantilizedI feel infantilized.

infatuatedI feel infatuated.

infectedI feel infected.

infelicitousI feel infelicitous.

inferiorI feel inferior.

infirmI feel infirm.

inflamedI feel inflamed.

inflammatoryI feel inflammatory.

inflatedI feel inflated.

inflexibleI feel inflexible.

influencedI feel influenced.

influentialI feel influential.

informalI feel informal.

informedI feel informed.

infuriatedI feel infuriated.

infusedI feel infused.

ingeniousI feel ingenious.

ingenuousI feel ingenuous.

ingratiatedI feel ingratiated.

ingratiatingI feel ingratiating.

ingrownI feel ingrown.

inhibitedI feel inhibited.

inhospitableI feel inhospitable.

inhumaneI feel inhumane.

inimicalI feel inimical.

injuredI feel injured.

injusticedI feel injusticed.

innocentI feel innocent.

innovativeI feel innovative.

inoculatedI feel inoculated.

inquiringI feel inquiring.

inquisitiveI feel inquisitive.

insaneI feel insane.

insatiableI feel insatiable.

inscrutableI feel inscrutable.

insecureI feel insecure.

insensitiveI feel insensitive.

inside outI feel inside out.

insightfulI feel insightful.

insignificantI feel insignificant.

insincereI feel insincere.

insistentI feel insistent.

insolentI feel insolent.

insouciantI feel insouciant.

inspirationalI feel inspirational.

inspiredI feel inspired.

inspiringI feel inspiring.

instilledI feel instilled.

instructiveI feel instructive.

insubordinateI feel insubordinate.

insubstantialI feel insubstantial.

insufficientI feel insufficient.

insultedI feel insulted.

insultingI feel insulting.

insurgentI feel insurgent.

intactI feel intact.

integritousI feel integritous.

intellectualI feel intellectual.

intelligentI feel intelligent.

intenseI feel intense.

intentI feel intent.

interestedI feel interested.

interestingI feel interesting.

interfered withI feel interfered with.

interferingI feel interfering.

interrelatedI feel interrelated.

interrogatedI feel interrogated.

interruptedI feel interrupted.

intimateI feel intimate.

intimidatedI feel intimidated.

intimidatingI feel intimidating.

intolerantI feel intolerant.

intoxicatedI feel intoxicated.

intrepidI feel intrepid.

intriguedI feel intrigued.

introspectiveI feel introspective.

introvertedI feel introverted.

intruded uponI feel intruded upon.

intrusiveI feel intrusive.

intuitiveI feel intuitive.

inundatedI feel inundated.

invalidatedI feel invalidated.

invalidatingI feel invalidating.

inventiveI feel inventive.

invidiousI feel invidious.

invigoratedI feel invigorated.

invisibleI feel invisible.

invitedI feel invited.

invitingI feel inviting.

involvedI feel involved.

invulnerableI feel invulnerable.

irascibleI feel irascible.

irateI feel irate.

irkedI feel irked.

irrationalI feel irrational.

irregularI feel irregular.

irreligiousI feel irreligious.

irrepressibleI feel irrepressible.

irreproachableI feel irreproachable.

irresistibleI feel irresistible.

irresoluteI feel irresolute.

irresponsibleI feel irresponsible.

irreverentI feel irreverent.

irritableI feel irritable.

irritatedI feel irritated.

isolatedI feel isolated.

itchyI feel itchy.