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Comprehensive List of Emotions

Adjective Emotions Beginning With the Letter P

Learning to identify your emotions is the first step towards emotional health. Here you will find a comprehensive, alphabetical list of human emotions: over 4,000 English words and phrases to help you name and describe how you feel. The inclusion of synonyms, slang, and idioms makes this one of the most complete lists of emotions available online.

Each entry is included because of its usefulness in defining an emotional state. Keep in mind that these words do not necessarily describe you as a person, or what has actually happened to you. There is an important difference between feeling lazy and being lazy, or feeling unloved and being unloved. In every case, it is the emotional sense of a word or phrase which is intended.

pacifiedI feel pacified.

paid offI feel paid off.

painedI feel pained.

painfulI feel painful.

pairedI feel paired.

paired offI feel paired off.

paired upI feel paired up.

pamperedI feel pampered.

panickedI feel panicked.

panickyI feel panicky.

paralyzedI feel paralyzed.

paranoidI feel paranoid.

parasiticI feel parasitic.

pardonedI feel pardoned.

parsimoniousI feel parsimonious.

partialI feel partial.

passed byI feel passed by.

passed offI feel passed off.

passed overI feel passed over.

passed upI feel passed up.

passionateI feel passionate.

passiveI feel passive.

pastoralI feel pastoral.

patI feel pat.simple, glib, unconvincing

paternalI feel paternal.

patheticI feel pathetic.

patientI feel patient.

patronizedI feel patronized.

peacefulI feel peaceful.

peachyI feel peachy.

peckishI feel peckish.

peculiarI feel peculiar.

pedanticI feel pedantic.

pedestalizedI feel pedestalized.

pedestrianI feel pedestrian.

peevedI feel peeved.

peevishI feel peevish.

pellmellI feel pellmell.

penetrableI feel penetrable.

penetratedI feel penetrated.

pensiveI feel pensive.

peppyI feel peppy.

perceivedI feel perceived.

perceptiveI feel perceptive.

peremptoryI feel peremptory.

perfectI feel perfect.

perfectionisticI feel perfectionistic.

perilousI feel perilous.

peripheralI feel peripheral.

perkyI feel perky.

permanentI feel permanent.

permeableI feel permeable.

permissiveI feel permissive.

permittedI feel permitted.

perplexedI feel perplexed.

persecutedI feel persecuted.

perseveringI feel persevering.

persistentI feel persistent.

persnicketyI feel persnickety.

perspicuousI feel perspicuous.

persuadedI feel persuaded.

persuasiveI feel persuasive.

pertI feel pert.

pertinaciousI feel pertinacious.

pertinentI feel pertinent.

perturbedI feel perturbed.

pervertedI feel perverted.

perviousI feel pervious.

pessimisticI feel pessimistic.

pesteredI feel pestered.

petered outI feel petered out.

petrifiedI feel petrified.

petrinoidI feel petrinoid.

pettyI feel petty.

petulantI feel petulant.

phatI feel phat.

phenomenalI feel phenomenal.

philanthropicI feel philanthropic.

phlegmaticI feel phlegmatic.

phobicI feel phobic.

phonyI feel phony.

physicalI feel physical.

picked apartI feel picked apart.

picked onI feel picked on.

pickyI feel picky.

piercedI feel pierced.

pigeon-holedI feel pigeon-holed.

pillagedI feel pillaged.

pillagingI feel pillaging.

piningI feel pining.

piousI feel pious.

piquantI feel piquant.

pissedI feel pissed.

pissed offI feel pissed off.

pissyI feel pissy.

piteousI feel piteous.

pitiedI feel pitied.

pitifulI feel pitiful.

pitilessI feel pitiless.

pityingI feel pitying.

pixelatedI feel pixelated.

placatedI feel placated.

placidI feel placid.

plaguedI feel plagued.

plainI feel plain.

plaintiveI feel plaintive.

planlessI feel planless.

playedI feel played.

played outI feel played out.

played withI feel played with.

playfulI feel playful.

pleadingI feel pleading.

pleasantI feel pleasant.

pleasedI feel pleased.

pleased as punchI feel pleased as punch.

pleasingI feel pleasing.

pleasurableI feel pleasurable.

pleasuredI feel pleasured.

pliableI feel pliable.

pliantI feel pliant.

plumbedI feel plumbed.

plunderedI feel plundered.

plunderingI feel plundering.

plungingI feel plunging.

plushI feel plush.

poignantI feel poignant.

poisedI feel poised.

poisonedI feel poisoned.

poisonousI feel poisonous.

politeI feel polite.

pollutedI feel polluted.

pompousI feel pompous.

poopedI feel pooped.

poorI feel poor.

poppingI feel popping.

popularI feel popular.

porousI feel porous.

portentousI feel portentous.

positiveI feel positive.

possessedI feel possessed.

possessionlessI feel possessionless.

possessiveI feel possessive.

postulatedI feel postulated.

potentI feel potent.

poutyI feel pouty.

powerfulI feel powerful.

powerlessI feel powerless.

practicalI feel practical.

pragmaticI feel pragmatic.

praisedI feel praised.

prayerfulI feel prayerful.

preached toI feel preached to.

precariousI feel precarious.

preciousI feel precious.

precludedI feel precluded.

precociousI feel precocious.

preoccupiedI feel preoccupied.

preparedI feel prepared.

preppyI feel preppy.

pressedI feel pressed.

pressuredI feel pressured.

presumptuousI feel presumptuous.

pretentiousI feel pretentious.

prettyI feel pretty.

prey toI feel prey to ___.

preyed uponI feel preyed upon.

pridefulI feel prideful.

primI feel prim.

primalI feel primal.

primaryI feel primary.

primitiveI feel primitive.

prissyI feel prissy.

pristineI feel pristine.

privateI feel private.

privilegedI feel privileged.

privyI feel privy.

prizedI feel prized.

proactiveI feel proactive.

probationaryI feel probationary.

probationedI feel probationed.

probedI feel probed.

prodigalI feel prodigal.

prodigiousI feel prodigious.

productiveI feel productive.

profaneI feel profane.

profanedI feel profaned.

professionalI feel professional.

progress mindedI feel progress minded.

progressingI feel progressing.

progressiveI feel progressive.

prohibitedI feel prohibited.

promiscuousI feel promiscuous.

promisedI feel promised.

promotedI feel promoted.

promotionalI feel promotional.

promptI feel prompt.

prone toI feel prone to.

propagandisticI feel propagandistic.

propagandizedI feel propagandized.

propelledI feel propelled.

properI feel proper.

prosaicI feel prosaic.

prosecutedI feel prosecuted.

prosperousI feel prosperous.

prostitutedI feel prostituted.

protectedI feel protected.

protectiveI feel protective.

proudI feel proud.

proud as a peacockI feel proud as a peacock.

proud as punchI feel proud as punch.

provincialI feel provincial.

provisionalI feel provisional.

provocativeI feel provocative.

provokedI feel provoked.

prudishI feel prudish.

psychedI feel psyched.

psychedelicI feel psychedelic.

psychopathicI feel psychopathic.

psychoticI feel psychotic.

puerileI feel puerile.

puffed upI feel puffed up.

pugnaciousI feel pugnacious.

pulledI feel pulled.

pulled aheadI feel pulled ahead.

pulled apartI feel pulled apart.

pulled awayI feel pulled away.

pulled backI feel pulled back.

pulled downI feel pulled down.

pulled forwardI feel pulled forward.

pulled inI feel pulled in.

pulverizedI feel pulverized.

pummeledI feel pummeled.

pumpedI feel pumped.

pumped upI feel pumped up.

punch drunkI feel punch drunk.

punchedI feel punched.

punctualI feel punctual.

punishedI feel punished.

punyI feel puny.

pureI feel pure.

purgedI feel purged.

purlishI feel purlish.

purposefulI feel purposeful.

pursuantI feel pursuant.

pursuedI feel pursued.

pushedI feel pushed.

pushed aheadI feel pushed ahead.

pushed awayI feel pushed away.

pushed backI feel pushed back.

pushed forwardI feel pushed forward.

pushed inI feel pushed in.

pushyI feel pushy.

pusillanimousI feel pusillanimous.

put awayI feel put away.

put downI feel put down.

put outI feel put out.

put uponI feel put upon.

puzzledI feel puzzled.