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Comprehensive List of Emotions

Adjective Emotions Beginning With the Letter S

Learning to identify your emotions is the first step towards emotional health. Here you will find a comprehensive, alphabetical list of human emotions: over 4,000 English words and phrases to help you name and describe how you feel. The inclusion of synonyms, slang, and idioms makes this one of the most complete lists of emotions available online.

Each entry is included because of its usefulness in defining an emotional state. Keep in mind that these words do not necessarily describe you as a person, or what has actually happened to you. There is an important difference between feeling lazy and being lazy, or feeling unloved and being unloved. In every case, it is the emotional sense of a word or phrase which is intended.

sabotagedI feel sabotaged.

sacrificedI feel sacrificed.

sacrificialI feel sacrificial.

sacrilegiousI feel sacrilegious.

sadI feel sad.

sadisticI feel sadistic.

safeI feel safe.

sagaciousI feel sagacious.

sageI feel sage.

salaciousI feel salacious.

sanctifiedI feel sanctified.

sanctifyingI feel sanctifying.

sanctimoniousI feel sanctimonious.

sanctionedI feel sanctioned.

saneI feel sane.

sanguineI feel sanguine.

sapientI feel sapient.

sarcasticI feel sarcastic.

sardonicI feel sardonic.

sassyI feel sassy.

satedI feel sated.

satiatedI feel satiated.

satisfiedI feel satisfied.

saucyI feel saucy.

savageI feel savage.

savedI feel saved.

savvyI feel savvy.

scandalizedI feel scandalized.

scandalousI feel scandalous.

scapegoatedI feel scapegoated.

scaredI feel scared.

scarredI feel scarred.

scathedI feel scathed.

scatteredI feel scattered.

schemingI feel scheming.

scientificI feel scientific.

scintillatedI feel scintillated.

scintillatingI feel scintillating.

scoffed atI feel scoffed at.

scoldedI feel scolded.

scornedI feel scorned.

scornfulI feel scornful.

screwedI feel screwed.

screwed overI feel screwed over.

screwed upI feel screwed up.

screwyI feel screwy.

scrutinizedI feel scrutinized.

scurrilousI feel scurrilous.

sealed inI feel sealed in.

sealed offI feel sealed off.

sealed outI feel sealed out.

sealed upI feel sealed up.

searedI feel seared.

secondI feel second.

second classI feel second class.

second guessedI feel second guessed.

second rateI feel second rate.

secondaryI feel secondary.

secretiveI feel secretive.

secureI feel secure.

sedateI feel sedate.

sedatedI feel sedated.

seducedI feel seduced.

seductiveI feel seductive.

seethingI feel seething.

seizedI feel seized.

selectedI feel selected.

selectiveI feel selective.

self-absorbedI feel self-absorbed.

self-acceptantI feel self-acceptant.

self-aggrandizingI feel self-aggrandizing.

self-assuredI feel self-assured.

self-centeredI feel self-centered.

self-confidentI feel self-confident.

self-consciousI feel self-conscious.

self-deprecatingI feel self-deprecating.

self-depreciatingI feel self-depreciating.

self-destructiveI feel self-destructive.

self-disciplinedI feel self-disciplined.

self-effacingI feel self-effacing.

self-expressedI feel self-expressed.

self-flagellatingI feel self-flagellating.

self-forgivingI feel self-forgiving.

self-hatingI feel self-hating.

self-indulgentI feel self-indulgent.

self-pityingI feel self-pitying.

self-pleasingI feel self-pleasing.

self-reliantI feel self-reliant.

self-righteousI feel self-righteous.

self-sacrificingI feel self-sacrificing.

self-servingI feel self-serving.

self-startingI feel self-starting.

selfishI feel selfish.

selflessI feel selfless.

senileI feel senile.

sensationalI feel sensational.

sensibleI feel sensible.

sensitiveI feel sensitive.

sensualI feel sensual.

sensuousI feel sensuous.

sentencedI feel sentenced.

sentimentalI feel sentimental.

separatedI feel separated.

serendipitousI feel serendipitous.

sereneI feel serene.

seriousI feel serious.

servileI feel servile.

setI feel set.

set onI feel set on.

settledI feel settled.

setupI feel setup.

sexyI feel sexy.

shadowedI feel shadowed.

shakenI feel shaken.

shakyI feel shaky.

shallowI feel shallow.

shamedI feel shamed.

shamefulI feel shameful.

shamelessI feel shameless.

shapedI feel shaped.

sharingI feel sharing.

sharpI feel sharp.

shatteredI feel shattered.

sheepishI feel sheepish.

shelteredI feel sheltered.

shieldedI feel shielded.

shockedI feel shocked.

shook-upI feel shook-up.

shortchangedI feel shortchanged.

shot downI feel shot down.

shouted atI feel shouted at.

shown upI feel shown up.

shreddedI feel shredded.

shrewdI feel shrewd.

shrunkI feel shrunk.

shrunkenI feel shrunken.

shunnedI feel shunned.

shut outI feel shut out.

shutteredI feel shuttered.

shyI feel shy.

sickI feel sick.

sick as a parrotI feel sick as a parrot.

sick at heartI feel sick at heart.

sickenedI feel sickened.

sidelinedI feel sidelined.

significantI feel significant.

silencedI feel silenced.

silentI feel silent.

sillyI feel silly.

simmeringI feel simmering.

simperingI feel simpering.

simpleI feel simple.

simplifiedI feel simplified.

sincereI feel sincere.

sinfulI feel sinful.

singleI feel single.

single mindedI feel single minded.

singled outI feel singled out.

sinkingI feel sinking. I have a sinking feeling.

skankyI feel skanky.

skepticalI feel skeptical.

skilledI feel skilled.

skillfulI feel skillful.

skippedI feel skipped.

skittishI feel skittish.

slainI feel slain.

slanderedI feel slandered.

slanderousI feel slanderous.

slaphappyI feel slaphappy.

slaughteredI feel slaughtered.

sleazyI feel sleazy.

sledgedI feel sledged.

sleepyI feel sleepy.

slightedI feel slighted.

slimyI feel slimy.

sloppyI feel sloppy.

sloshedI feel sloshed.

slothfulI feel slothful.

slovenlyI feel slovenly.

slowI feel slow.

sluggedI feel slugged.

sluggishI feel sluggish.

sluttyI feel slutty.

smackedI feel smacked.

smacked downI feel smacked down.

smallI feel small.

smarmyI feel smarmy.

smartI feel smart.

smart assyI feel smart assy.

smart-aleckyI feel smart-alecky.

smashedI feel smashed.

smittenI feel smitten.

smoothI feel smooth.

smotheredI feel smothered.

smotheringI feel smothering.

smudgedI feel smudged.

smugI feel smug.

snapped atI feel snapped at.

snappishI feel snappish.

snappyI feel snappy.

snarkyI feel snarky.

snarled atI feel snarled at.

sneakyI feel sneaky.

snivelingI feel sniveling.

snobbishI feel snobbish.

snobbyI feel snobby.

snoopyI feel snoopy.

snowedI feel snowed.

snubbedI feel snubbed.

snugI feel snug.

snuggledI feel snuggled.

snugglyI feel snuggly.

soaringI feel soaring.

soberI feel sober.

soberingI feel sobering.

sociableI feel sociable.

socialI feel social.

soddenI feel sodden.

softI feel soft.

softheartedI feel softhearted.

soiledI feel soiled.

soldI feel sold.

sold outI feel sold out.

solemnI feel solemn.

solicitousI feel solicitous.

solidI feel solid.

solitaryI feel solitary.

somberI feel somber.

soothedI feel soothed.

sophisticatedI feel sophisticated.

sophomoricI feel sophomoric.

sordidI feel sordid.

soreI feel sore.

sorrowfulI feel sorrowful.

sorryI feel sorry.

soughI feel sough.

soundI feel sound.

sourI feel sour.

souredI feel soured.

sparedI feel spared.

sparklingI feel sparkling.

spartanI feel spartan.

spasticI feel spastic.

specialI feel special.

speechlessI feel speechless.

spellboundI feel spellbound.

spentI feel spent.

spicyI feel spicy.

spinelessI feel spineless.

spiritedI feel spirited.

spiritlessI feel spiritless.

spitefulI feel spiteful.

splendidI feel splendid.

splendiferousI feel splendiferous.

spoiledI feel spoiled.

spontaneousI feel spontaneous.

spookedI feel spooked.

sprightlyI feel sprightly.

spryI feel spry.

spunkyI feel spunky.

squanderedI feel squandered.

squashedI feel squashed.

squeamishI feel squeamish.

squeezedI feel squeezed.

squelchedI feel squelched.

stableI feel stable.

staidI feel staid.

stainedI feel stained.

staleI feel stale.

stalkedI feel stalked.

startledI feel startled.

starvedI feel starved.

starvingI feel starving.

staticI feel static.

steadfastI feel steadfast.

steadyI feel steady.

steamed upI feel steamed up.

steamyI feel steamy.

stepped onI feel stepped on.

stepped overI feel stepped over.

stereotypedI feel stereotyped.

sterileI feel sterile.

sternI feel stern.

stewingI feel stewing.

stiffI feel stiff.

stifledI feel stifled.

stigmatizedI feel stigmatized.

stillI feel still.

stiltedI feel stilted.

stimulatedI feel stimulated.

stingyI feel stingy.

stirredI feel stirred.

stodgyI feel stodgy.

stoicI feel stoic.

stokedI feel stoked.

stolidI feel stolid.

stomped onI feel stomped on.

stonedI feel stoned.

stonewalledI feel stonewalled.

stoutI feel stout.

stoutheartedI feel stouthearted.

straight lacedI feel straight laced.

strainedI feel strained.

strandedI feel stranded.

strangeI feel strange.

strangledI feel strangled.

strengthenedI feel strengthened.

stressedI feel stressed.

stretchedI feel stretched.

stretched thinI feel stretched thin.

strickenI feel stricken.

strictI feel strict.

strivingI feel striving.

strokedI feel stroked.

strongI feel strong.

strong armedI feel strong armed.

strong mindedI feel strong minded.

strong willedI feel strong willed.

strongly interestedI feel strongly interested.

struckI feel struck.

struck downI feel struck down.

stubbornI feel stubborn.

stuckI feel stuck.

stuck upI feel stuck up.

studiousI feel studious.

stuffedI feel stuffed.

stumpedI feel stumped.

stungI feel stung.

stunnedI feel stunned.

stunningI feel stunning.

stuntedI feel stunted.

stupefiedI feel stupefied.

stupendousI feel stupendous.

stupidI feel stupid.

sturdyI feel sturdy.

stylishI feel stylish.

suaveI feel suave.

subduedI feel subdued.

subjectedI feel subjected.

subjugatedI feel subjugated.

sublimeI feel sublime.

submissiveI feel submissive.

subordinateI feel subordinate.

subordinatedI feel subordinated.

subservientI feel subservient.

substantialI feel substantial.

subtleI feel subtle.

subversiveI feel subversive.

successfulI feel successful.

sucked up toI feel sucked up to.

suckeredI feel suckered.

suffocatedI feel suffocated.

suggestiveI feel suggestive.

suicidalI feel suicidal.

sulkyI feel sulky.

sullenI feel sullen.

sulliedI feel sullied.

sunkI feel sunk.

sunnyI feel sunny.

sunny side upI feel sunny side up.

superI feel super.

superbI feel superb.

superciliousI feel supercilious.

superficialI feel superficial.

superiorI feel superior.

supersededI feel superseded.

superstitiousI feel superstitious.

supportedI feel supported.

supportiveI feel supportive.

suppressedI feel suppressed.

sureI feel sure.

surlyI feel surly.

surpassedI feel surpassed.

surprisedI feel surprised.

surrealI feel surreal.

surrenderedI feel surrendered.

surveyedI feel surveyed.

susceptibleI feel susceptible.

suspendedI feel suspended.

suspendingI feel suspending.

suspiciousI feel suspicious.

swampedI feel swamped.

sweatyI feel sweaty.

sweetI feel sweet.

swellI feel swell.

swindledI feel swindled.

switched onI feel switched on.

sycophanticI feel sycophantic.

symmetricalI feel symmetrical.

sympatheticI feel sympathetic.

synergisticI feel synergistic.

systematicI feel systematic.